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Thus, it is very likely that for all his professions of sympathy for the new ideas proclaimed by Berlioz and Liszt , which were anathema to so many of his teachers, Tchaikovsky already then was able to appreciate the more 'modest' dimensions of Schubert's music. His songs represent a flow of unaffected melody, and dark undercurrents of the soul, without compare in the history of music. Die Winterreise is a world unto itself of melodic beauty, spiritual torment, the bleakness of lost love, and the coldness of the hand of death.

There was no greater interpreter of the Winterreise songs than Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, as he weaves the many moods of beauty into an epic of sadness, overshadowed by death. Here he is with the great pianist Alfred Brendel:. The invalid was told the names of his visitors, and made feeble signs to them with his hands. Of Schubert he said: "Franz has my soul. Liszt called Schubert "the most poetical musician that ever was. Six hundred and fifteen songs! Running the whole emotional spectrum from the lively and playful Die Forelle, to the glowing Abendrot literally evening red, but depicting the afterglow of a beautiful sunset, both sung here by the incomparable Fritz Wunderlich:.

One is struck by the seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of melodic invention! And all by the age of Schubert died leaving nearly 1, compositions, nearly all of which are marked by his distinctive genius. Assuming that he began writing when he was 16 or 17, he filled what now, in his complete, published works, make up 41 folio volumes.


In , his 18th year, he composed 20, measures of music, writing sheaf by sheaf, as one would gather grain in harvest. Verily, as Schumann put it, "he has done enough.

Franz Schubert was, beyond all question in my mind, the most fertile and original melodist that ever lived, and he is the first of the great songwriters in rank as well as in time. Or the Symphony Number 8 Unfinished , packing more tragedy and pathos in the first movement than most composers could work into an entire composition;. Or the Great Symphony No. Or how can we forget the Mozartean lilt of the Symphony No. I hear them all differently now than when I was younger.

From whence came to this young composer of humble origins, and maturity beyond his years, a Muse so full of wisdom, and spiritual and intellectual depth? Reinhardt Wizman. Snatches of all these great works played in my head as I walked through the small rooms within which Schubert was to live more than half his life.

Stolen Child

He chose parts of the Allegro molto moderato including the dotted rhythms of the opening from Franz Schubert's String Quartet No. Ben Carson's faltering campaign may have taken a big hit this week as two top campaign aides quit on him, but his wife of four decades Candy Carson is solidly in his corner. And she's about to publish a new autobiography singing his praises. Ben Carson, with the most influential person in his life, his mother Sonya. Despite only a third grade education, getting married at 13 and being left by her husband with two small boys, Sonya worked multiple jobs to ensure her sons succeeded.

Ben became a neurosurgeon and Curtis became an engineer. Startled looks were the least of the overt antagonism Candy writes. Behind his back, some faculty members were hostile and alleged that Carson was incompetent. But his mentor, Dr. Donlin Long, who founded the neurosurgery department in , had his back.

He knew Carson was highly competent and dedicated to helping others. He worked an average of to hours a week and wanted to spend 'spare' time doing community service. Long added Carson to the neurosurgery residency program after only one year of the two-year general surgery requirement — a great stroke of luck because Carson hated the sight of blood. When asked about his blood phobia, Carson responds: 'Would you rather have a surgeon who likes the sight of blood'? Candy and Ben both grew up in Detroit and they met at Yale University where Candy was admitted on a scholarship in pre-med.

She had never seen architecture like the Yale buildings. She had never eaten what seemed like exotic foods to her - London broil or Cornish hens.


Back home in the Motor City, a typical dinner for her family was made from bags of frozen vegetables. Born Lacena Rustin, the little girl took the nickname of Candy when her father kept giving her treats and called her his 'candy' because of her sweet tooth. Sweets and cakes made her a chubby kid.

Candy passed Ben and his roommate, Larry Harris in the halls when she was a sophomore and thought that the two seniors had their act together. They were both pre-med seniors and were truly 'easy on the eyes' reveals Candy. They talked and the guys invited Candy to their church to experience the singing of hymns, the Bible discussion and worship. Vows of love: Ben and Candy Carson at their wedding. We are family: Ben, Candy, his mom Sonya and their three sons. Candy writes in her book that friends thought they were a good match because they told the same types of corny jokes.

They became good friends over their love of music and commitment to a religious way of life. Carson and Harris teased Candy unmercifully calling her names even in other languages.

An Iron Rose: Text Classics

She didn't realize it but they weren't derogatory names. Ben's father was a Baptist minister from Tennessee but he took off when Ben was eight and his parents divorced, she writes. His mother moved her two sons to Boston but returned to Detroit. Ben wasn't a good student and in fact, explains Candy, thought of himself as the dumbest kid in the whole world in elementary school. And he had a temper. Candy writes about an event in third grade when he rushed home at lunchtime and asked his brother, 'Curtis, have you seen the rat poison?

Something bad happened at school, and there's no other way out of this'. Carson says occurred at age thirteen when he tried to knife a schoolmate and got through his anger by retreating to the bathroom to pray and read the Bible for three hours. Dissuading his younger brother for searching for the rat poison to do the job, Curtis told him to drink a lot of water until he burst.

The boy tried for hours and then abandoned his thoughts of suicide and retreated from the bathroom. Carson was always obsessive, competitive and ambitious. His mother, Sonya Carson, made her two sons read two books every week even though she was barely able to read herself. Carson went on to the University of Michigan to study pre-med and married his sweetheart in his third year,. Friends thought they were a good match because they told the same types of corny jokes. He rode his bike daily to the hospital complex until a yellow cab tried to run him into the side railing and then continued to try to run him off the road after the bike was already on the ground and he had a huge gash in his hand.

He gave up bike riding to class after that. It was in college where he became obsessed with foosball and became a champion with unique moves named after him. Time was another obsession. Carson had to arrive five to ten minutes early for everything — class, his job, church and social events. That has continued all his life.

When a car ran a red light and totaled his car while on his way to the hospital in New Haven in , he was desperate to get to the OR in time to do his surgery. Money was always on his mind. While studying at Yale, he signed up to be a student police aide to earn extra money and that obsession with money took him closer to the brink of death one more time. While the couple were on Thanksgiving break in Detroit, driving back to Yale to save money instead of flying, both of them fell asleep with Ben at the wheel driving 90 mph in the dead of night.

Both could have been killed when the car hit the gravel on the shoulder. The wheels were vibrating and the car was headed for the drainage ditch and the obvious flip end over end. Ben woke up and whipped the steering wheel to the left that sent the car in a circle and then it stopped facing the right direction in the right lane.

With an eighteen-wheeler barreling down on them, he quickly pulled the car over to the shoulder. Ben, Candy and his mother at home in Detroit with their three sons. Murray, was born while the couple was living in Australia and the couple had two more sons, BJ and Rhoeyce.

See a Problem?

Young Ben Carson center grew uo in the Motor City where he learned strict discipline from his mother. Their lives had been spared and the couple continues to celebrate every May 28th, to remind them of that day of grace. Pool became another obsession, a distraction after working at the hospital for fourteen, sixteen hours. Carson morphed into a pool shark and Candy learned that she needed to play pool to be able to spend free time with her husband. Craving French fries one night in Baltimore, he walked to a fast food joint down the street and waited on line for his turn.

Just as he reached the counter and was taking out his wallet, he felt a gun in his back. She graduated from Yale with a major in music and psychology and earned her masters in business taking evening classes at Hopkins. The couple had agreed to wait eight years to have children when they anticipated his schedule wouldn't be so hectic. He was still working twelve to sixteen hour days but home at night when Candy learned she was pregnant with twins.

She went into premature labor at sixteen weeks and the babies didn't survive.