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John Fowles, The Magus. The affair gets more serious than Nicholas can stand, so he leaves her to take a position as an English instructor at the Lord Byron School in the Greek island of Phraxos. Bored, depressed, disillusioned, and overwhelmed by the Mediterranean island, Nicholas contemplates suicide, then takes to long solitary walks. On one of these walks he stumbles upon the wealthy Greek recluse Maurice Conchis, who may or may not have collaborated with the Nazis during the war and apparently lives alone on his island estate. Inez Irwin, Maida's Little Shop.

She makes friends in the nieghborhood, one of whom turns out to be her nanny's grandson from Ireland. Only I think the diamond was in a necklace Emberley, Ed. This sounds like it could be any of the many drawing books by Ed Emberley. This definitely matches the description, although there may be others as well. I adored this book--you really could make a whole little world, without any particular drawing talent.

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Have you looked at the Ed Emberly drawing books? There are many and they are in the right time frame. Ed Emberley, Make a World. From description, most likely this one of his many books. Finally back in print. It's one of my favorite gifts for children in elementary school--this book, a big blank book, and a set of markers, with the invitation to "make a world.

My favorite is a child who made an atlas of his "planet. Not sure who was the solver but, I thank you!!! I saw the inquiry about a book with the saying "hay foot, straw foot, left foot, right foot.


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The author is Jan Margo. All I remember about this book is a little boy who would march around with a paper hat on his head and chant "hayfoot, strawfoot" as he marched. One I read around about a little boy who would march around with a paper hat singing "Hayfoot, Strawfoot. His sergeant, also a country fellow, asks him if he can tell hay from straw. Of course he can, any durn fool can do that!

So Sarge ties a wisp of hay to one foot and straw to the other, and drills him by calling 'hay-foot, straw-foot' instead of 'left, right, left'. His only companions are a dog named Brogla an her puppy Rags.

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I was enquiring about a book my family read 30 years ago. It was about a dog named "Rags" who loves his owner, a rancher, very much but is not appreciated by his owner because he is not pure-bred. At one point, the owner's two dobermans? Just after Rags runs off, a boy on the ranch runs up to the owner and tells him the other two dogs started the fight and crying tells him how much Rags loves him.

The owner is unable to find Rags no matter how much he looks for him. Finally, they meet in a blizzard and Rags almost dies getting the owner to safety.

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Then while Rags is dying the owner lays down with him and tells him over and over how sorry he is and Rags finally gets better. Bannon, Laura. Make Room For Rags. Houghton Mifflin, Illustrated by Vee Guthrie. When the small dog Rags appeared at the farmhouse in the middle of a storm, the family knew they would have to make room for her, for a short time, anyway.

Danny hoped that the place could be permanent, but the more Rags teased the kittens and chased the chickens, the slimmer the chances seemed to be. The description sounds exactly like a book that my teacher read to me in 6th grade, approximately, It was about a man kept in a box in Vietnam and I think the local boy helps him escape to a cave. Dunn, Marylois, The Man in the Box, I am enjoying rereading it very much.

I read that story over and over in eighth grade ! It made me want to learn fencing, though I never did. I keep thinking it is Richard or Robert somebody. If anyone can track down the literature textbook it is in, that would help me solve an earlier book stumper I sent in about a boy named P.

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This description sounds just like a short story I too had to read for an English class in junior high! The point is that he does this so that the other students won't learn to look up to the arrogant, conflict-loving fencer and come to think of him as the "better" fencer, but instead realize that a peace-loving person could still be the better fighter if need be. The only problem is, Googling "A Man of Peace" coupled with "short story" doesn't yield any results, so perhaps I've got the title wrong.

I'm still thinking about that fencing story now it's driving ME crazy! It was about a fencing master dedicated to the art of fencing who has a student who only fences for the brutality he can put into his game.

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Nimoy played one of Mr. Faulkner's students. The story was later remade starring James Mason in Mr. Faulkner's role. Faulkner directed the fencing in this one, and doubled for Mason. This time, the bad fencing student was patterned more along the line of James Dean, as Dean was the reigning "delinquent" at the time.

It looks like the story I remember may also have been made into a tv drama. But I don't know if this is related to the solution sought by the stumper poster, or if it will help the detective work. Lawrence Williams, A Man of Peace , The textbook is out of print, but I was able to find numerous used copies. Someone on one of my loops heard about our query and emailed me. They said this is definitely the book. Looks charming! Thanks anyway!! First Edition, Hardcover "A man who lives at the edge of the woods discovers that he need not rely on the store for a supply of good things to eat.

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F53 food on trees sounds like H6 hungry walk. H6 hunger walk: a bit more on the suggested story by Krasilovksy - "A story about a man and his cat who live at the edge of the woods and buy everything to eat from the store. When his friends goes on vacation and he runs out of food, he finds he can live on the garden food he finds in the woods. The cover of the book is white, though, not yellow, with a picture of a plump balding man with a hat and apron, flipping pancakes while his cat looks on. He's saved and learns his lesson though when it rains and he puts everything outside to get clean at once.

What a great site Illustrated by Barbara Cooney. Scholastic, , 4th paperback printing, Trade paperback size, some wear, but a clean copy. A man wakes up one day without his head. He carves out substitutes from vegetables - I remember a parsnip and perhaps a pumpkin. But everyone laughs, so he rejects the vegetables. He carves a head out of wood, and that's better, but he still wants his head back. So a young boy, who is making a ball out of tightly wound rags says he can get the head back.

He hits the man with the ball, and the man wakes up with his head back. Story is about a man who wakes up without his head, tries a bunch of things as substitutes including a parsnip, which for whatever reason is etched in my memory. Possibly published by Bobbs-Merrill, since my dad used to work for them and get books through them. More on the Solved Mysteries page. Paul Gallico, The Man who was Magic, The title isn't "Adam", but the protagonist's name is, and the plot fits.

Searching on Google will get you several synopses. I'm pretty sure about this one. Adam appears in the heroine's life and goes to a magicians' convention or similar. He scrambles and unscrambles an egg, and makes a wooden staff burst into bloom white roses. The other magicians turn him away About a writer who's being sued because of the similarity of one of his characters to a woman named Bibbsy Dibbs. It's written in the form of letters. Bethany House A long-running series with Christian values. The first book is set in , when Mandie is 12 and her father has just died.

She runs away to the city and finds her Uncle John, discovering that he and her father are half-Indian. Her father's friend, Uncle Ned, is full Indian.

Lois Gladys Leppard, Mandie series. These sound like the Mandie series, published by Bethany House. Probably more than 30 titles in the series by now, and still in print as far as I know. They're sort of Nancy Drew-type mysteries with an inspirational twist. Set in the NC mountains, although Mandie travels a lot in her adventures. Lois Leppard, Mandie and the Secret Tunnel.