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Hundreds of Jewish organizations from across the United States have benefited financially from being involved, and in over 35, jars of honey were distributed around the world. Your support of Honey From The Heart , either by purchasing honey or being a distributor, benefits participating organizations and ORT America at the same time.

Each 8 oz. This system permits honey to be tracked from the consumer back through the supply chain to the country of origin and the beekeeper that harvested the honey from the beehive. Each honey order is accompanied by a personalized gift card see example below from the purchaser and is delivered in time for Erev Rosh Hashanah September 18, Ordering honey for your family, friends and business associates is a sweet way to welcome the new year while also supporting worthwhile organizations. Gift card sample is enlarged for readability.

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It is traditional to eat apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah. The apples symbolize the constant cycle of life and the honey symbolizes the sweetness that we hope will characterize the year to come. The following blessing, printed on a beautiful keepsake card, is enclosed with each jar of honey you send:. Circulatory system and the heart. Practice: Introductory circulatory system quiz.

Practice: Intermediate Circulatory System Quiz. Practice: Advanced circulatory system quiz.

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Next lesson. Current timeTotal duration Video transcript I really like this picture that I found. It actually shows you really neatly where the heart sits in our body so you can see the heart is surrounded, on both sides, by ribs, right? And in fact, I didn't draw it in yet, but let me show you where the lungs would be. This is the right lung and on this side you'd have the left lung. So this is where your heart sits: between two lungs. And I'm saying left and right from the perspective of the the person who owns this heart.

So this is their left and right, which is the opposite of us if we're looking at it. The heart is actually sitting between the two lungs within this protective casing that the ribs are basically there to keep all these important organs safe. And then below them, so if you draw this here.

Or if I draw it, you can see now that below all this stuff is a really really important muscle. So this muscle people don't talk about this muscle, or this is not the kind of muscle that you usually see people working on at the gym, but this muscle is called the diaphragm.

So your diaphragm muscle and your ribs are enclosing a space, right?

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The diaphragm becomes the floor, and the ribs are kind of the ceiling and the walls of this space. And if you look at the contents of this space, you'd have your lung and you'd have your heart. So, this entire space then is called your thorax. So what exactly does the heart do? Let's actually make a little bit of space now, and bring up a zoomed in version of the heart.

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Let me start by orienting you to the heart. This is our right lung and on the other side we have our left lung. And all this would be inside of the rib cage, but I'm not going to draw that now, because that would make it harder to see the heart itself.

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So to think about exactly what the heart does, I think one, kind of neat way to do it is to actually imagine that you're a cell. So put yourself in the perspective of a cell, and let's say you're a cell hanging out over here. This is you. And you can think about any part of the body that you could be. Let's say a little toe cell. So let's say you're a toe cell and your job, of course, is to live and be happy,and you've got near by, a little blood vessel.

And in fact, every cell in our body has a little blood vessel that's near by. And this toe cell is just trying to make a living. And toe cells need certain things, right? They need, for example, let's say oxygen. I'll write it in white so it's very clear. They need oxygen and they need nutrients, right? So cells need certain things to live and be happy. And on the flip-side, they also make waste. They're in a sense just like us, they make waste. And that waste could be all sorts of things, and one that kind of jumps to mind is carbon dioxide CO2. So carbon dioxide is waste for this cell.

So it's making some waste and for the moment let's imagine that there's no blood flow.

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